A disinfection station to prevent infection

Disinfection station Dailydes®

Many infectious diseases are transmitted by hand, thus making sanitation an important part of personal and occupational health care. Hand disinfection is a sensible approach when it comes to protecting human health.

Details of hand disinfectant dispenser Dailydes®

Approx. 7.000 disinfection processes with the contents of one tank
Easy and quick change of large 5-litre tank
DailyDes® Battery life:
approx. 1-2 weeks
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Made in Germany

Customised designs possible (colour/logo)

The disinfectant dispensers Dailydes® with sensors are available in three different versions with a 5-litre container of hand sanitiser each


Dailydes® disinfection station with baseplate (standard version)


Dailydes® disinfection station with baseplate and transport aid

The single-axle, removable stainless-steel transport aid enables easy transport of the DailyDes® standard disinfection station and can be stored within.


Dailydes® disinfection Station with fitted rollers and rubber feet

Convenient and contact-free hand disinfection — Dailydes® — the elegant solution for your entrance and other very frequented areas:

Administration & Management

Corridors, customer entrances in town halls, community centres, waiting areas in public offices

Banking & Finance

Entrances, customer areas

Consultancy Services

Entrance area tax advisor


School halls, canteens, school entrances, gyms, entrances to individual university buildings


Cafes, pubs, canteens, restaurants

Public Health

Nursing homes, clinics, hospitals, doctors’ practices, day-care facilities


DIY stores, discounters, shopping malls, wholesale stores, furniture shops, supermarkets


Entrance areas, open-plan offices, training facilities, incoming-goods departments, entrances to individual departments or production buildings

Trade fairs

Entrances, catering areas, toilets, entrances to the individual halls

Tourism and Leisure

Customer centres, fitness studios, leisure parks, hotels, music halls, cruise ships, saunas, swimming pools, sports stadiums, function rooms

Transport Sector

Bus stations, airports, shipping ports, train platforms

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The Dailydes® disinfection stands are also available on a hire-purchase-basis. Leasing the equipment would also be possible with a minimum lease term of 12 months. This offer exclusively applies to B2B customers.

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